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One of the easiest ways to support the center is through a direct gift through the University of Maryland secure online form

GIVE to the Center for Synergy -  HOME STORIES PROJECT

If you prefer to mail your gift, please print this form and send it with checks (made payable to the University of Maryland College Park Foundation, Inc.), money orders or credit card payments to:

University of Maryland College Park Foundation Inc.
Office of Gift Acceptance
Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
College Park, MD 20742 
(Tax ID 52-2197313)

Under Designations on the form, please check Other and note which of the two current giving options (Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy-General OR Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy-Home Stories) you have selected. 

Other than cash, securities (stock shares, mutual fund shares, bonds) are the most popular asset to fund charitable gifts. Complete the securities transfer form and follow the instructions to submit your gift.


Supplement your gift by taking advantage of your employer's matching gift program. It is a way to quickly and easily increase your gift to the university while boosting your share of philanthropy's greatest benefit: personal satisfaction.

More than 33,000 companies match charitable gifts made by their employees, retirees and board members.

Search our online database to find out if your (or your spouse's) employer matches. The search engine will also tell you exactly how to take advantage of this opportunity.


For questions on other types of giving, please contact Dr. Sheri Parks, Associate Dean for Research, Interdisciplinary Scholarship and Programming at 301.405.6255 or slp@umd.edu.


The Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy at the University of Maryland serves as a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration that focuses upon the impact of dynamic changes in the fields of arts and humanities on communities and cultural heritage institutions. Through innovative partnerships and interactions with departments and program across the university, the center discovers new ways to address pressing issues of our time.

By engaging with center through your gifts, you directly support the center to:

  • INFUSE the research and practice of the arts and humanities into new and exciting spaces and uses.
  • ILLUSTRATE the nimbleness and efficacy of the arts and humanities in relationships with other disciplines and applications.
  • PROVIDE a location, strategies and resources for engaged and transdisciplinary synergies between the arts and humanities and other research areas.

Together we can make a profound and enduring difference in our university, our local community and the world.