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The University of Maryland Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy provides a location for researchers, students and the public to participate in multidisciplinary investigation and expression of the human condition. The College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Maryland has a dynamic configuration of 11 departments, three schools and five free-standing centers that encompass an unusual breadth of disciplines, methodologies and theoretical approaches. 

The center has four aims:

1. To infuse the research and practice of the arts and humanities into new locations and areas of endeavor both inside and outside of the academy;

2. To illustrate the nimbleness and usefulness of the arts and humanities in relationships with other disciplines and applications;

3. To create a presence, both physical and virtual, through which transdisciplinary synergies between the arts and humanities and other research areas can emerge; 

4. To facilitate the scholarly work of reconciling theories, traditions, and methods of diverse research fields, including the sciences.