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The University of Maryland Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy provides a location for researchers, students and the public to participate in multidisciplinary investigation and expression of the human condition. The College of Arts and Humanities at the University of Maryland has a dynamic configuration of 11 departments three schools and five free-standing centers that encompass an unusual breadth of disciplines, methodologies and theoretical approaches. The center will capitalize on this scope and diversity by serving as a hub for interdisciplinary collaboration.

The center has four aims:

1. To infuse the research and practice of the arts and humanities into new locations and areas of endeavor both inside and outside of the academy;

2. To illustrate the nimbleness and usefulness of the arts and humanities in relationships with other disciplines and applications;

3. To create a presence, both physical and virtual, through which transdisciplinary synergies between the arts and humanities and other research areas can emerge; and

4. To facilitate the scholarly work of reconciling theories, traditions, and methods of diverse research fields, including the sciences.

“Synergy” is a term used in disciplines across the university, from philosophy to the sciences. It refers to the interaction between two or more forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. When researchers within the arts and humanities interact with each other or with researchers from other disciplines, synergy occurs. The result is better, richer and more comprehensive than ever. One function of the center will be to research, develop and initiate projects with researchers and creative artisits using a model of systems analysis and intervention, resulting in programs, products and creative works as well as novel approaches to tough problems.  

We live in complex times; The University of Maryland Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy will help us find the comprehensive answers we want and solutions we need.