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Internal Funding

There are a number of competitive funding opportunities offered by the University of Maryland. Many of these are seed grant mechanisms that allow faculty to conduct preliminary research or scholarship that will lead to larger external grant applications. Faculty in the College of Arts and Humanities have been strongly encouraged to apply for each of these, and we encourage you to consider how your work may be eligible for one or more of the following:

1. ARHU Faculty Funds Competition (formerly known as DRIF): ARHU offers conference grants, seed grants and subvention funding to tenure-track and professional track faculty. In addition, we offer funding in support of applications to the Division of Research Faculty Incentive Program and UMD-Smithsonian Institution Seed Grant Program.  

2. Division of Research "The Maryland Catalyst Fund" (Formerly Tier Program):

The UMD Division of Research Tier Grants program has been revised, and is now the Maryland Catalyst Fund, with several options for faculty to submit proposals. Matching costs are required from your department, the college, or in some combination. Please contact Linda Aldoory, laldoory@umd.edu, if you are planning on requesting matching funds from the college. Deadlines for proposal submission vary, please see more information at the following webpage: https://research.umd.edu/development/MarylandCatalystFund(link sends e-mail)

3. Graduate Student Fellowships & Grants

4. Graduate School Faculty & Staff Awards

5. Seed Grant Programs:

  • UM Research and Innovation Partnership Grant Program: The University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) and University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) campuses co-host the joint Research and Innovation Partnership Grant Program. The intent of this initiative is to promote structured collaboration between UMD and UMB and to advance the institutions’ joint goals in research and innovation.