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Internal Funding

There are a number of competitive funding opportunities offered by the University of Maryland. Many of these are seed grant mechanisms that allow faculty to conduct preliminary research or scholarship that will lead to larger external grant applications. Faculty in the College of Arts and Humanities have been strongly encouraged to apply for each of these, and we encourage you to consider how your work may be eligible for one or more of the following:

1. Center for Synergy DRIF Competition: We offer three different funding categories that are in keeping with the Center for Synergy’s interdisciplinary and engaged research goals and a limited amount of subvention funds. In addition, we offer funding in support of applications to the Division of Research Faculty Incentive Program and UMD-Smithsonian Institution Seed Grant Program.  Funded initiatives will be those that promise to promote interdisciplinary research and scholarship and/or enhance links to and engagement in the community beyond the campus.

2. Division of Research Faculty Incentive Program

  • Tier I Seed Grants: up to $50,000, to support and encourage individual faculty members and multidisciplinary teams of faculty to secure proof of concept, with a goal of pursuing sponsored research or to support scholarship leading to a significant publication or monograph. Tier I grants are funded through a match between the VPR office and the department/college. Faculty interested in pursuing Tier I grant opportunities must secure a commitment for 50% of the proposed budget from their department and/or college. Deadlines June 1 and December 1 of each year.
  • Tier II Federal Designated Center or Large Program Effort: up to $75,000 for faculty who are actively pursuing large, multidisciplinary federal funding opportunities.
  • Tier III Campus Wide Research Initiatives Program: up to $150,000 support for development of broad, multidisciplinary research initiatives and centers that will position the university to become a national leader in an emerging or sustained area of research that responds to a national or societal need. 

3. Graduate School Awards

4. Division of Research Seed Grant Programs:

  • UMD & Smithsonian Seed Grant Program: The intent of this initiative is to encourage new teams of investigators to cross institutional and disciplinary boundaries, to enhance established collaborative teams to move to the next level in their research, to establish specific high impact research foci and/or generate preliminary data to support new areas of endeavor and to encourage research that leads to new funding opportunities. Awards range from $25,000-$50,000. Anticipated deadline April 2017.