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Award Winners

2021-2022 Faculty-Student Research Award (FSRA) Recipients:

Marielis Garcia, School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies
Sun Young Lee, Communication
Shawn Parry-Giles, Communication
David Sartorius, History

2021 Independent Scholarship, Research and Creativity Award (ISRCA) Recipients:

Bayley Marquez, Amerian Studies
Jordana Saggese, Art History and Archaeology
Richard Bell, History
Eva Hageman, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Shay Hazkani, Jewish Studies/History
Valerie Anishchenkova, School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Fall 2020 Faculty Funds Competition Award Recipients:

Innovation Grants:

  • Shay Hazkani - JWST
    “Bloodline Rules Here”: Moroccan Jews and the Fight to End Racism in Israel, 1948-1962
  • Michael Votta - MUSC
    Integration of Improvisation into Conducting Teaching
  • Alexandra Calloway - ENGL
    Developing Core Grammar for STEM for Publication
  • Jessica Gatlin - ARTT
    Abode: Home as Contemporary Art & Craft Exhibition Space
  • Irina Muresanu - MUSC
    ViolinEtudePro.com virtual education platform

Special Purpose Innovation Grants

  • Tamanika Ferguson - COMM
    Voices From the Inside: Incarcerated Women Speak Book Project
  • Siv Lie - MUSC
    Django Generations: Hearing Ethnorace, Citizenship, and Jazz Manouche in France Book Project
  • Anita Atwell Seate - COMM
    ‘I Can’t Breathe’ and Police Brutality: Expanding Our Understanding of Group-based Conflict through Methodological Innovation


  • Ivan Ramos - WGSS
    Sonic Negations: Unbelonging Subjects, Inauthentic Objects, and Sound Between Mexico and the United States

Recent Division of Research Maryland Catalyst Funds Award Recipients