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UMD Fellowships

President's Postdoctorial Fellowship Program
The University seeks applicants whose research, teaching, and service will contribute to diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in higher education and at the University of Maryland. The President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is interested in scholars with the potential to bring to their research and teaching the critical perspective that comes from their educational background or understanding of the experiences of groups historically underrepresented in higher education. The program, in particular, encourages applicants who would increase representation in campus units where women and minorities are underrepresented. Although the Program is open to all fields and disciplines, preference will be given to applicants whose research interests fall within the biomedical sciences. Deadline: November 1, 2020.

Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship Program applicants seeking an appointment in any academic unit of the College of Arts and Humanities are reviewed by the host department or school as well as the College APAC before review at the Campus level. Fellows selected for an ARHU unit are appointed to the faculty rank of Post-doctoral Associate and receive a stipend and other support cost-shared by the Office of the Provost, the Dean of the College, and the host unit.

For more information about a particular academic unit, please contact the unit head. For more information about the program, please email umd-postdocs@umd.edu.