Welcome to the Home Stories Project!

Home Stories is a digital storytelling project that brings UMD undergraduates together with immigrant youth to reflect upon, discuss, and produce digital stories of home, family, belonging, and self. The project responds to the growing number of often-unaccompanied migrant youth who travel to the U.S.-Mexico border and eventually seek to reunite with families, relatives or friends who live in the long-standing Central American communities near the University of Maryland. These newcomers navigate multiple identities but rarely have the opportunity to reflect on or share these experiences. Despite the scale of youth migration to this area, there is little research or ethnographic work generated about or by these youth.

Home Stories extends the Center for Synergy’s ongoing Social Innovation Scholars Program, a multi-semester course and practical experience in publically engaged humanistic work. In the Home Stories SIS sequence, students will work with Dr. Ana Patricia Rodríguez, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and U.S. Latina/o Studies, to examine contemporary U.S. Latina/o migrant narratives, research, and other resources, explore the processes of transnationalism and transmigration in the Latino world, and extend this exploration through the practical outreach experience. Students will collaborate with migrant youth from local middle and high schools to write and produce their stories in digital formats. Digital stories are multimedia movies that combine voiceovers, video, sound and text to create a narrative. Both in and out of the classroom, they are a tool for not only developing technical skills, but also promoting self-reflection and critical thinking.

The project will work with youth in local schools that enroll large numbers of recently arrived migrant youth from Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean and culminates in a community screening of the filmed stories these youth produce, which will then be available on a public website.

The Center for Synergy in the College of Arts and Humanities has received $100,000 in match-based funding through a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Humanities Access grant to fund Home Stories. 

Funding from NEH is contingent upon UMD raising $100,000 by May 1, 2018.

Given the current political and economic climate, there is urgency in securing matching funds to ensure that this critical work is completed and made available to support immigrant communities.

To give to this project, please go to our GIVE page, and be sure to mark all gifts made offline: ARHU NEH Home Stories, Gift Account # 21-22872


Image Credit: © Ana Rosa-Ventura-Molina 2014


At UMD, federal funding supports work being done in the "true public sphere, not just the elite public sphere."