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ARHU Kicks off Campaign on Race, Equity and Justice








Dean Thornton Dill's ARHU's Campaign on Race, Equity and Justice have the following goals:

  1. Increase knowledge among students and faculty of systemic racism and the issues related to anti-racist practice

  2. Transform curriculum and scholarship to center the experiences of historically underrepresented communities

  3. Increase engagement and motivation of students, staff and faculty to plan, speak and act for equity, justice and elimination of systemic racism.  

  4. Reduce incidents of individual and systemic racism and discrimination found in teaching, research and service in the college

  5. Expand the impact of ARHU’s work on racism, equity and justice through community and other partnerships. 

  6. Increase awareness across campus of ARHU’s expertise around issues of systemic racism, equity, and inequality.


These goals motivated strategies and tactics in several areas. Some are linked below.

Committee on Race, Equity and Justice:
The committee and its task forces advise the Dean on how to address the goals and work toward the eradication and dismantling of structural racism and ensuring equity and social justice.

ARHU Dean’s Colloquium Series on Race, Equity and Social Justice:
The Colloquium Series highlights faculty experts from ARHU in conversation with the Dean about their scholarship and creative projects related to anti-racism and social justice. The Fall program included five speakers, and four more are planned for Spring, 2021. Click above for more information. 

ARHU Curriculum Addressing Race, Equity and Justice:
We have culled together all ARHU courses that are related to anti-racism and social justice, at the link above. These courses may be available for students outside of ARHU as well.

Center Spotlight on Scholarship and Creative Inquiry:
The above link highlights the expertise of ARHU faculty and those who were awarded grants for their work on race, equity and justice.