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Baltimore Stories: Narratives and Life of an American City: Kick-off Event

This project gathered researchers, scholars, artists, social activists and the local community to discuss narrative, race and power in Baltimore.

Baltimore Stories: Narratives and The Life of an American City: UMD Campuswide Convening
3/30/16 - 8:00 PM

The Arts and Humanities Center for Synergy invited campus researchers and artists to examine the roles that UMD is playing and can play in Maryland's post-industrial city.

Worldwise Arts Humanities Dean's Lecture Series Featuring Anthony Romero

The college presented American Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Anthony Romero in the third installment of the 2013-14 Arts and Humanities Dean's Lecture Series.

Race, Social Class Professional Golf: Session 4
3/23/16 - 8:00 PM

Session 4: Q&A and action recommendations.

Race, Social Class Professional Golf: Session 3
3/22/16 - 8:00 PM

Session 3: The life and work of an African American Golfer.