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Worldwise: Arts Humanities Dean's Lecture Series: Nea & Neh: 50 Years
3/30/16 - 8:00 PM

NEA and NEH chairmen joined UMD to celebrate their 50th anniversaries and discuss the impact of the arts and humanities on today’s society.

Race, Social Class Professional Golf: Session 4
3/23/16 - 8:00 PM

Session 4: Q&A and action recommendations.

Worldwise Arts and Humanities Dean's Lecture Series presents Cathy Davidson

The College of Arts and Humanities held a powerful conversation with professor, scholar and author, Cathy Davidson.

Foxworth Creative Enterprise Initiative

Highlighted in this video are the three inaugural recipients of the Foxworth Initiative and their students, who share and reflect on a semester of enriched learning and engagement.

Worldwise Arts Humanities Dean's Lecture Series Featuring Natasha Trethewey

This talk focused on Trethewey's exploration of writing poetry as social action, from the intersection of living memory and political, cultural and social history.