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External Funding

There are a number of funding search databases available to UMD faculty.

SPINPlus provides a modern full-text search that is run against over 40,000 federal agency and private foundation funding records. Results are returned to the user in relevancy ranked format, and can be further sorted, grouped, or filtered by the results grid column headers.

Most campus computers will have an IP address that allows you to access SPIN without a login, but for use off campus and for the more advanced features that include setting up an individual funding profile to save searches and receive regular funding alerts, you'll need to create your own login/password.

Instructions for setting up a profile are here, beginning on page 2. 

A note about pursuing foundation funding: When a faculty member has identified a foundation as a potential funder and wishes to make contact, it is necessary to first determine whether the funder in question has been assigned to a campus unit. Please contact the Research Development Specialist (x54698) to obtain all necessary guidance on making initial contacts.

Consult UMD IRRoC for additional resources on securing funding for your project.